Terms and conditions 

  • Roller Blinds (HollandBlinds) (2 Years Warranty)
  • Vertical Blinds (2 Years Warranty)
  • Venetian Blinds (2 Years Warranty)
  • Roman Blinds (2 Years Warranty)
  • Panel Glide Blinds (2 Years Warranty)
  • Twin Blinds (One Year Warranty on Twin Blinds)
  • PlantationShutter (5 Years Warranty)
 $50.00 Service Call fee will apply if we attend the home and the issue is not covered under warranty.Our Warranty, will not be issued until all goods are paid in full.
We remain the owner of all goods until the account is finalized and paid in full.
2 Years Warranty will cover the following:
  • Defects in materials & parts
  • Puckering of the material
  • Manufacturing Faults
  • All Parts & Labor will be covered
2 Years Warranty does not cover the following after the first three months:
  • Wear and Tear of the Blinds
  • Miss-Treatment of the Blinds
  • Holes in the material
  • Runs in the material
  • Fraying of material
  • Labor
Things you should know
  • There will be gaps between the edge of your Blinds and your architraves, if your blinds are mounted on the inside on the window frame, meet in the corner, or butt together.
    • There may be some color variations in your Blinds if they are made from Timber, Aluminum or PVC
    • All our Blinds are perfectly square, though your windows may not be. Your Blinds may not always sit straight or perfectly flat if this is the case
    • If you roll your Blinds up and down gently, this will help for the long term life of your Blinds
    • It is Government Law to have child safety locks installed with your blinds. All of Blinds installations are installed with child safety locks
    • Various materials may shrink and expand, depending on the weather conditions
    • We don't warrant Architraves. If the Blind comes away from your wall, the customer is liable as this is a builder issue
    • Separate Orders, or blinds bought at different times, may have a variation in color
    • Blinds under600mm do not always track properly and won't be covered by warranty
    • There will be NO WARRANTY on Romans if installed into plaster (Plaster is the makeup of a house. It will in-dent and sag)
      • We strongly advice Roller Blinds on Doors where the blind is fixed as it only takes up small amount of the door and is much more durable
      • The warranty will only be accepted on your Blinds, if you have paid for your Order pay in full                                                                                                                                                          
      • We hope you enjoy your Blinds with us!