Our Polymer shutters are distinguished by the unique build quality and design. They are crafted to look and feel like Timber. Our Polymer shutters only use premium non-toxic Polymer and water-based paints, therefore they are the best Timber alternative in the market. They are suitable for almost any window and are the best choice for humid spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Impervious to humidity or moisture
Smooth and silky finish
Recyclable non-toxic materials and paint

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Our Polymer shutters are reinforced with a re-engineered Aluminium core. This special core adds strength to the blades and helps make them more resistant to water and high temperatures. As a result, our Polymer shutters will not distort, warp, crack, or split when they are exposed to water or high temperatures.  

  • Own superior formulated Polymers
  • Recyclable non-toxic materials
  • Re-engineered stile with 30 year warranty
  • Impervious to humidity or moisture

Our Polymer shutters are available in a wide range of blade options. This allows you to select the perfect size for your space.

  • 47 mm (Elliptical)
  • 63 mm (Elliptical or flat)
  • 76 mm (Elliptical)
  • 89 mm (Elliptical or flat)
  • 114 mm (Elliptical)

Our Polymer collection offers you a wide range of control and system options; including but not limited to Clearview, Sliding, Bi-fold and many more. Each lends a unique look and feel to your interior.

  • Clearview and Supaclear
  • Hidden, centred or offset tilt rods
  • French door cutouts, Bay window
  • Tier on Tier options, Café style, hinged panels
  • Bi-fold, Sliding systems and special shapes
  • 180 degree blade rotation (2 way closing)

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