Vertical Sheers

Vertical Sheers

Vertical Sheers are beautifully luxurious, adding style to any large window. Vertical Sheers transform wide windows and patio doors into breathtaking views. The sheer fabric softens the natural light showing through, while still providing you with the privacy that you need. During the night, you should be able to see out without the outside seeing in.

Dry-cleanable fabric
A wide range of decorative selection of fabrics
Extremely functionality

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Our Vertical Sheers offer a sophisticated and a delicate simplicity that will transform any room.  Select from 3 versatile colors and add the perfect design touch, whether dressy or contemporary, to complement your décor.


With light and privacy control similar to vertical blinds, our Vertical sheers are ideal for large windows, patios and sliding doors. When the vanes are open, the transparent sheer fabric softly filters the light and preserves your view. When they are closed, they block direct sunlight to darken the room and enhance privacy.


Vertical sheers are one of our most lightweight window treatments, making them incredibly easy to operate. Their lightweight construction and light color palette lend an airy quality to any room while providing privacy with just a twist of the wand.

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